Starlight Solutions/Health Forecast
The Starlight Solutions and Health forecast interprets all major aspects to your chart, including the often fateful quincunx (150 degree aspect) which is 5/12ths of a complete circle. The Starlight Solutions/Health forecast provides healthy solutions to life’s biggest challenges that are helpful, practical and spiritual.

Comprehensive Relationship Report
The Comprehensive Relationship compares your chart with another person’s and interprets the connection between you and the other person. Relationships that can be examined include significant others, parents, children, etc.

The Relocation report interprets how a geographical move will impact on your life, both on an emotional and physical level. You can choose a large number of locations and compare the effects of the various locations as an aid to making decisions and or to help you prepare for an upcoming transition.

Harmonic Highlights
The Harmonic Highlights report is based on the belief by many astrologers that when two planets are separated by a particular angle, the influences of the two planets combine to create a strong effect on a person. The important angles in ancient and modern astrology are known as aspects and are 0, 60, 80, 120, and 189 degrees. In the late 20th century a branch of astrology known as” harmonic astrology” developed. Harmonic Highlight reports are interesting and enlightening as they have greatly increased the complexity of astrological interpretation.  

The Natal report is an outline of the planets that were in your astrological chart at the time of your birth and a description of how they have influenced your life pattern, personality and relationships. 

The Numerology report is an interpretation of one’s strengths/weaknesses / personality based on the numerical values in the letters of your name.

Full Year Forecast
The Full Year forecast report provides a comprehensive daily forecast for the coming year.