Mr. Hank Friedman: Astrology Reports and Forecasts

Mr. Hank Friedman, the well-known and highly respected Astrology expert, advises Evanne on the selection of the varied Astrology reports and forecasts offered for free in conjunction with psychic readings.

The Astrology reports and forecasts are also offered separately at a minimal charge. See definitions of astrology terminology.

Psychic Reading/Astrology Special Offer

Contact Evanne by email, see prices, or call 925-288-9046 to schedule your appointment for:

  • A free Natal, Numerology, Harmonic Highlights or Relocation Report with each paid Half Hour Psychic Channeled Reading with Evanne and Ish.
  • A free Full Year Astrology Forecast, Full Year Starlight Solutions Forecast or Comprehensive Astrological Compatibility Report with each paid One Hour Psychic Channeled Reading with Evanne and Ish.

Purchase Astrology Reports Seperately

Short Reports:

  • Natal Report – $5.95
  • Numerology Report – $5.95
  • Harmonic Highlights Report- $5.95

Special Packages:

  • Any Two of the Short Reports – $9.95
  • All Three of the Short Reports- $15.00

Comprehensive Reports:

  • Full Year Astrology Report – $9.95
  • Comprehensive Compatibility Report – $9.95
  • Starlight Solutions and Health Full Year Forecast- $9.95

Special Comprehensive Packages:

  • Any Two of the Comprehensive Reports – $17.00
  • All Three of the Comprehensive Reports – $25.00

Prices – Contact Evanne – Arrange a Reading – Purchase Astrology Reports

Phone: 925-288-9046
Email: Send Message

Half Hour Psychic Channeled Reading – $40 

  • Includes Free Astrological, Natal, Numerology, Harmonic Highlight or Relocation Report.

Phone, Skype and Email readings available. Digital recordings of phone and skype readings are available on request – at no extra charge.