Here are questions that clients have asked me over the years. If you have additional questions, please contact me by email or phone. The questions are arranged by topic.


What is Psychic Channeling?
Psychic channeling is reading energy of other people, spirit guides, animals, or the deceased by connecting with one’s own spirit guide or higher energy. When a channeler makes a connection with another being’s energy, he or she is able to “read” the energy. The information may come through as words, visions, pictures or feelings.

What is a Spirit Guide?
A Spirit Guide is one’s higher or intuitive self. Everyone has the capacity to access this level of awareness. Intuitive ability is simply another form of intelligence.

Evanne’s Personal Experiences with Channeling

Why do you channel and why do you encourage and teach others to channel?
Psychic Channeling changed my life. It did not change me. It lead me to the real me, to my true dreams and visions, and to my true life purpose. I believe that everyone can create their own light and create their own life!

Are you giving people answers when you channel?
I am reading energy; people can choose whether or not to base their decisions on the information I give. As I was trained to do by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, my teachers and authors of “Opening to Channel”, if a person asks a yes or no question, I will usually provide both scenarios, as in “if you decide to do this…this is how it will play out” or “here are the pros and cons of deciding yes and the pro and cons of deciding no”. People need to know and believe that they are more powerful than any psychic power and that they have free will to change their decisions and courses of action.

How does channeling feel for you?
Energizing and calming at the same time. It is the best feeling, a feeling of joy and anticipation. Often even before the question is asked, Ish will have words or visions for me, so I get excited to find out what information is available. I also love reading energy and interacting with another person’s energy. I can channel anywhere- I have done it while riding on BART trains, just to see what I am picking up around me. But when I do readings, the client is the one who asks the questions. In this way, again, the client is given the power to be in control and to decide what he or she is ready to ask and ready to hear. Spirit guides will never give information to a person before he or she is ready to hear it.

How does the information come to you?
Usually in words, the first word will come and I may not know what the end of the sentence will be, but I will say the first word so that the others will flow. I will also sometimes get visions or images, and will ask Ish to explain them. This happens a lot when I work with artists or with authors, or other folks who are involved in the creative process.

How did you meet your guide?
I took a class with a wonderful woman, Sanaya Roman, who is the author of “Opening to Channel” and her partner and co-author, Duane Packer. It was not really a traditional class; it was only a day and half long. We did a series of focusing exercises, and then went through guided meditations to help us meet our guide. My guide, Ish, first appeared as a man on a white horse, who rode by and swept me up onto his saddle! Then, we were on a little planet, like the illustrations in “The Little Prince” and Ish was introducing me to 7 beings-which turned out to be aspects of Ish. As I have worked with Ish over the past 30 years, I have realized that Ish is my higher energy and the multiple aspects have given me my skills in many psychic areas; connecting with the deceased, life issues, health issues, seeing past lives, bringing not only Ish through me, but other peoples spirit guides, as well as bringing through the words of living people about whom the client has asked.

Have you ever seen Ish?
For years, I have only seen a small face with eyes, nose, and mouth when I begin to channel. But some years ago at a refresher channeling class I had given in my home, I saw another very vivid image of Ish. A student had taken a picture of me and an image appeared in the mirror behind me. If you turn the image 90 degrees, it is very close to the image on my business card- in fact, you even see the stars in the image!

How did you learn to contact the deceased?
I was not trained to contact the deceased in the channeling class. But a good friend of mine died of AIDS shortly after I took the class, and so I asked Ish if I could contact him and he showed me that I could do so. I usually ask for a specific date of passing, and details as to how the person died- as to whether it was sudden, unexpected, or old age. I have discovered through the information that has come through when I channel the deceased that depending on how the person died, and how long they have been in the afterlife, determines how much and if they can communicate in words. Death appears to be a process, as is birth. When people first pass, they may be in a sleeping state for some time. Then they gradually learn how to move their “body”, which is a body of light, and learn to communicate, send love, etc.

I had a sister who died the same year that I was born, so of course I had never met her on this plane. I had had a rebirthing experience in which I sensed her presence next to me in the womb. So when I learned to channel, I contacted my sister. Ironically, the hardest thing for a channel to do is to channel for oneself, but with the help of a friend who asked the questions for me, I was able to bring through her voice.

Have you ever contacted a deceased person who did not speak English? Were you able to access information?
I have contacted souls who spoke in a language other than English in their lifetime. Ish usually just “translates” the message into English for me and the client. However, in one instance, Ish began “speaking in tongues”. I had no idea what he was saying. But my client was able to interpret the utterances and she let me know that Ish was saying prayers in another language!

What have you learned about death through your work with contacting the deceased?.
The most important thing I have learned is that death, like life, is a process. Souls who have recently passed or passed unexpectedly, perhaps in an accidental death, are often not ready to speak for some time after their passing. Ish is able to gather information in regard to how the soul is feeling, but may not be able to access voice communication from the deceased person. In the same way that a newly born infant spends much of his or her time sleeping and absorbing information while they sleep, the “newly deceased” will spend a period of time in a dream-like or sleep state. Infants will slowly become aware of his or her physical body and will play with their fingers and toes. In a similar fashion, the newly deceased will slowly become aware of and play with their “light body”. The light body appears to be just as it sounds, a celestial body of light that encompasses the energy of the deceased person. And just as an infant matures into a toddler and learns to crawl and walk, a deceased soul will learn to move his or her own light body. Eventually the deceased soul will learn to communicate. A very young child may first communicate by crying or making indications with his or her physical body. A deceased soul may begin to communicate by moving objects in the earthly physical realm, or by turning on and off electric appliances. When language development begins for a young child, words of high importance will be learned first; “mommy, daddy, mine”, usually one word at a time. Interestingly, I have noticed that when a deceased soul does communicate, especially for the first time, he or she will also say what is most important for them, be it a message of love to their family, or asking for forgiveness for some mistake they feel they made on earth, or a message about details in a will. The souls are usually able to communicate quite clearly at this point, and will use a full range of vocabulary and language skills. I believe that because when souls are ready to speak, their communication has been strengthened by their journey from a living state to the Afterlife. It is further fueled by the passion and excitement generated by seeing their life path clearly and wanting to share all they have learned with their loved ones with whom they lived on earth.

Does your voice or manner change when you bring in a deceased soul?
Yes, usually my body posture will change, my voice may change. Many times I will feel the emotions of the person I am bringing through, and may become sad, or jubilant, depending on the energy. Twice now I have begun to rhyme and rap in my speech, something I can definitely not do consciously, when I brought someone through. I learned from my client that the person I had contacted had always wanted to rap-and that at the last party he held before he died, he did a speech all in rap. That just blew me away!

Do you receive validation of your accuracy?
Yes, most every time and I thank God and the universe each time I can help a client. When I contact the deceased, for example, and the client tells me that he or she saw and heard their loved one through me, it is always gratifying and amazing for me as well as for the client. I have been doing this work for over 30 years and my goal has always been to be of help and provide insight. If something is not clear or does not make sense, I will go back and search further for answers.

What do you mean by “past lives”?
I believe that everyone has a multiple of lives on the earthly plane, and that each life is a lesson for the soul. I think of past lives as metaphors, and serve as lessons for the current life. Whenever someone asks for a past life reading, I ask Ish to describe a life that is relevant to the current life, and which teaches a lesson for the current life.

Learning to Channel

Can everyone channel? Does everyone have psychic abilities?
Yes, I have taught others to channel using the guidelines of my teachers, Sanaya and Duane, and also accessing Ish to help me help my students through the process. And, yes, anyone who wants to channel, who is open to using the imaginative side of their brain, and who believes that they can and are reading energy, can learn to channel. Everyone has intuition-just like any other skill, or like working on your muscles through exercise, if you work on your intuition, it will get stronger.

Why do they have to be open to imagination?
Because when you first start to channel, words will come through. But your rational mind will tell you, “you are making this stuff up!” The imaginative side will let the words come through. When you learn to channel, as soon as you learn your guide’s name and talk to him for the first time, the next step is to channel for someone else who you do not know. And what happens is that the other person validates and confirms your answer-you realize then that you are not “making stuff up”- you are reading and channeling energy.

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