Evanne offers Psychic Readings on life issues, family issues, inner child, health, relationships, career, abundance, creative visualization, past lives, spirit path, dream analysis, connection to one’s spirit guide… and much more!

What is Psychic Channeling?

Psychic channeling is reading energy of other people, spirit guides, animals, or the deceased by connecting with one’s own spirit guide or higher energy. When a channeler makes a connection with another being’s energy, he or she is able to “read” the energy. The information may come through as words, visions, pictures or feelings.

Channeling with Evanne Jordan

Read the article “What is Psychic Channeling” by Evanne. Published in Balanced Life Magazine, “Opening To Your Higher Self – Channeling by Evanne and Ish”.


I just finished “reading my psychic reading”. I am amazed at how you have picked up on my and _____’s personalities and have even told me a few things that I didn’t know, but make sense, once I read it. I am completely fascinated by the vision you see about us. Also, how you describe how we inter-relate with each other is true as well.. The second part about my true soul mate possibly being of similar traits as me and being a health care professional is something that I can envision as well. The next several months will be very interesting! Thank you so much for this reading!” – G.C. – January 2012

Just wanted to thank you for the psychic reading this evening. I will definitely keep you in mind when I come across others who desire a quality reading. Although you didn’t remember our last reading (understandably so) when you channeled the information, it was as if we were continuing right where we left off (at least 6-8 months ago). This reading has given me the strength and clarity that I need to proceed into something that may be challenging, yet worth it. You have given me the tools to succeed in this endeavor, whatever the outcome may be I can move forward with confidence and know what needs to be addressed.”
-Thanks again and many blessings, Paulette S.

“With only one channeled phone session, Evanne changed my life. More channeled phone sessions followed as I was finding my way with this, as it was new and very exciting to me. Only with Evanne’s amazing God-given talent could I have accomplished my trans-writing in my historical fiction research and novel I am currently working on. Along the way, I have learned many new things with Evanne’s and Ish’s guidance. She is amazing and will blow you away with her gifts. I still cannot catch my breath from our channeled phone sessions. I will always and only seek the advice of Evanne and Ish for all my spiritual endeavors and journey. Be on the look out for my novel “Beautiful Train”, which will be done now with the help of Evanne and Ish. If you have not had an opportunity to have a psychic reading session with them, then you are totally missing out on a life changing experience. I cannot thank Evanne and Ish enough for all they have done for me.“
– Love & Light, Kimberly

“I’ve meant to write for the past couple of days about something that happened during your reading. As we were talking, the mail truck pulled up and there was a knock at the door that I noted as the mailman returned to his truck. Since you and I were talking rather intensely, I basically forgot about it until I walked out outside to greet my husband as he arrived home from work. Remember how, at the end of the psychic reading, you/Ish said something like, “Part of this thing with the tingling in your feet has to do with your shoes.” Turns out the knock was the mailman delivering a new pair of Croc thongs that my husband had ordered for me, that feature these funny little massaging elements on the soles. About fifteen minutes after putting them on, the tingling was gone…and hasn’t returned. Funny, huh? Thanks again for your help.” – S.L.

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