By speaking with living energies which communicate through her, Evanne Jordan, Psychic Medium, is able to contact and channel voices and information from the Spirit Guides of both Living and Deceased Human Beings and Animals.

Evanne was not taught how to contact the deceased in her work with Sanaya Roman. But she was asked by a client to contact and channel a deceased individual and “Ish” told her that she could do so by asking for the Spirit Guide of that person to come through. It was a wonderful experience for both Evanne and her client, and she has continued to do spirit medium work for the past 30 years as part of her psychic practice. Several years ago, Evanne was answering a question for a client about a person who was currently alive and that living person asked to speak through her! It was at this point that Evanne realized that the Spirit Guides of Living Beings could also be accessed through her spirit medium/channeling work. As a Psychic Medium, Evanne has been able to set up “ Spiritual Dialogues” in which her clients could speak to and get answers from the spirit guides (higher energies) of the people in their lives.

As Evanne is an animal lover, she is very pleased to be able to connect and channel animal energies, especially those of living and deceased pets. Her psychic medium abilities provide insight into these beloved animals’ thoughts and feelings even beyond their passing.

Contacting and Channelling Voices

What is a Spirit Guide?

A Spirit Guide is one’s higher or intuitive self. Everyone has the capacity to access this level of awareness. Intuitive ability is simply another form of intelligence.

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“I have worked with Evanne as a psychic medium on many occasions, and continue to be amazed and moved by her in connecting with my loved ones, in the physical and non-physical, whether human or canine. Evanne connected me to both my beautiful dogs, Tara and Tina who are in the non-physical. Both dogs personalities were recognizable. Tina came through as the more playful one, with powerful energy, always moving, running, self sufficient, and most significantly she said that when she was in the physical “she was aware of a very difficult period in my life and just wanted to make me feel better”. Tara came through as her soft sweet self and expressed her sense of “security and safety at home” and “never being afraid”, she also expressed “I liked the way I feel up against you, my head, I felt wrapped around you, like you could hold all of me”. This was precisely the relationship I had with Tara, my first dog and dearest love. We would literally lean up against each other and I would wrap my arms around her and we would fill each other with love. This is something I feel every time I think of her, and obviously she does too. Evanne is blessed and I am so happy to know her.” – Kathy Foulise

“Your accuracy of psychic reading always amazes me and also makes me aware of things which we normally do not recognize even though they are there. My cat that I adored for many years passed away. I always thought I was the one who took care of him and protected him, but after reading your reading, realized I was the one who was protected by him making sure my home stays in peace. I am very lucky to be able to have a protection like this, and will adore this sweet little light which still loves me. Thank you so much, Evanne.” -A.G. – May 2012

“Evanne is amazingly tuned in and a talented psychic medium. What was especially interesting and helpful was our ability to interact with one another during my reading. At all times I felt she was both in tune with me and with her guides and with the spirits of those we were contacting. In addition, her accuracy of information is amazing – truly astounding! I felt so connected with departed loved ones whose personalities as I had known them came through in authentic ways. I also gained great insights and valuable information about my relationships – both with those alive and not incarnate – who are or have been close to me. And, I feel that I have been given useful tools for utilizing my own psychic abilities, permission to use those tools with more awareness, and a certain resultant “grounding” that causes me to listen to my inner wisdom and tune into my own spirit guide(s). ” – C. L.

”Evanne has developed a special relationship with Ish where, as psychic medium and guide, ”they”, working as a team, are able to counsel others. My readings with Evanne and ”Ish”(short for Ishmael) have not only provided me with suggestions and answers, but have also taught me how to develop a relationship with my own spiritual guide and have encouraged a deeper trust in my own intuition. Evanne has the uncanny ability to communicate on two planes at once. With the help of Ish, Evanne has introduced me to my own spirit guide. This recognition has allowed me to become more intuitive in my relationships, my creativity, and life’s challenges.“ –Trish R., San Francisco

“Evanne and Ish, I am so grateful for the psychic reading……thank you. It confirmed my relationships as well as brought clarity to my work. I wanted to let you know that since the reading I have gotten a phone call from every person I had asked about during the reading. I was very surprised to hear from everyone; they all called about 10 minutes from each other, maybe less. It was very synchronistic. I’ve been on the phone the whole night! It opened up something and drove them to call me. Thank you so much! I feel connected and satisfied. I will definitely recommend you to my friends. I already have. Thanks again and hopefully I will have an opportunity to connect with you again.“

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